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Discover the world of high qualityminimalist footwear for the whole family with our Czech family-owned companyFor over 30 yearswe have been producing comfortable and eco-friendly shoes that provide freedom of movement and support natural foot developmentOur European-certified materials ensure top-notch qualityWhether you’re seeking urban styles or nature-inspired designsour shoes offer both comfort and style. Experience the difference of truly comfortable footwear for children and adultsWalk with us towards a healthier and more comfortable future.“


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About Us


Every foot is unique, just like its owner. Pegres footwear responds to this uniqueness with its construction and design. 

Shoes for everyone

At Pegres Shops, our aim is to bring joy to both children and their parents. That’s why our collections include a range of classic shoes and Barefoot shoes. Whether you have a high instep or plump feet, you’ll find the perfect fit. Our dedicated staff in-store are there to assist everyone in selecting the ideal pair of shoes. 

Help and Support

At the beginning, we always assist wholesale customers with the right and efficient selection of footwear for their stores and e-shops. Their success is our success. 

Our story

We are a family-owned company from the Czech Republic specializing in producing high-quality and minimalist footwear for both children and adults for over 30 years. Our footwear became popular among customers across Europe and beyond. 

Have you ever wanted to take off your shoes, let your feet breathe and walk barefoot on the grass? Are conventional shoes too narrow and uncomfortable for you or your children? With our footwear, you no longer have to suffer. Our shoes offer you comfort and freedom of movement that you will love. Children will feel just as good as adults in our shoes. 

We only use the highest quality European materials that are certified and eco-friendly. We design our footwear to be as flexible, breathable, and comfortable as possible, and to support the natural development of the feet. 

And speaking of design, are you a fan of natural motifs and colors? Or are you looking for comfortable and stylish urban shoes for you and your children? With our footwear, you can try something new and be unique. 

Try our shoes for children and adults, and you will see the difference which high-quality and comfortable footwear can make. 

Quality and Tradition

Beloved for their quality and tradition, our handcrafted leather shoes captivate all. Every shoe undergoes the skilled touch of multiple leather manufacturing experts, resulting in Pegres shoes being recognized as the epitome of European excellence. 

Natural Design 

Our deep appreciation for nature is evident in the Pegres shoe collections, drawing inspiration from its stunning colors and patterns. Each shoe reflects this connection, with carefully chosen color shades and thoughtfully selected materials, bringing the essence of nature to every step. 


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Do you want to become a Pegres Shoe Retailer?

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